The Exhibition Continues…

Only a small selection of images were displayed in store windows. All the other photos that were submitted can be found here, with thanks to our many wonderful photographers. We are still accepting submission so please see "Submit a Photograph" to join the project!



I took this on 21st June in Boundaries Road with my smartphone. It captured the very last sunlight of the year’s longest day falling onto my street.

Submited by: Serkan Sozer

Tooting Common


I love wandering by the pond on Tooting Common. It’s always so peaceful. Here it is looking very verdant on a spring day earlier this year.

Submited by: Alex Sykes

Among the autumn leaves (Tooting Common)

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 6.52.37 PM

Tooting Common is very much a part of life in Balham throughout the seasons – whether it’s the kids playing football on a frosty Saturday morning, groups enjoying a picnic in the summer sunshine or simply enjoying the array of stunning autumnal colours, as my daughter is doing here.

Submited by: Juliet Savigear (Balham Bumps & Babies Photography)

Balham Old n New


From Edwardian London,just to the extreme left is St Marys Church which opened in 1808 as a Chapel and only suffered minor damage during World War II….In the distance is Balham Rail Bridge and has been there at least since 1863…2 lovely old LCC Class A Trams adorn the scene….The old block on the right `Station Parade`built in 1904 where a studio flat can go for 190K..

Submited by: Kurt

Snow on the Common


I was walking along the side of Tooting Common pushing my 6-month old daughter in her pram when I saw this tree. It just looked amazing and very peaceful (in contrast with my lively little girl at times that day!).

Submited by: Max de Grunwald

Lost Property


Balham Underground, floods of discarded newspapers usually adorn the platform during evening rush hour. On this one evening , world news was replaced by one persons news. What headline did these discarded flowers represent?

Submited by: Colin white

Miss America In Suburbia


This is a performance intervention that took place at 1am at a bus stop near Wandsworth Common, juxtaposing the fantasy of winning Miss America with the mundane surroundings of a bus stop. The result is a ghostly trace of a performance that no one saw, with the landscape ‘forgetting’ it ever happened. The photograph is meant to enact the performance to the viewer every time it is seen: a haunting reminder of the strange things that happen every day that are rarely witnessed.

Submited by: Allan Taylor


Balham leaves

I took this photo running close to Tooting Common late last year. It’s about that time again, where the trees shed for winter.

Submited by: Erik Sheridan

New Beginning in Balham


The view from our new flat on Cambray Road – I love to sit in the window and watch the slow pace of life below me. I never thought I’d say this, but I love suburbia.

Submited by: Christina Diver

Jubilee BBQ


The summer of 2012 felt so jubilant – sunny days with friends and days on our roof terrace overlooking The Devonshire Pub Beer Garden. A very private oasis to spy on people from!

Submited by: Zoe Church



This is a portrait of my cousin Richard, who has lived in Balham since the late 1980s., during which time he has witnessed the area ‘s gentrification, with an influx of yummy mummies filling up the multitude of cafes that has sprung up around Balham High Street.

Submited by: Matthew

Blogging Balham

Balham Claire Monique

Being a model has lead me all over the world — I’ve lived in different countries, cities, apartments, with all kinds of people. Nowhere feels home quite like Balham does.

Submited by: Claire Monique Scanlon

Black and White

Balham Black White

Walking around Balham, I am reminded to look up at the buildings. I am reminded of the generations that have called this place home, and the many changes it has endured.

Submited by: